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  • It is very easy to learn Find 3X, which is in the new special mathematical games of Boymate10 game.

  • All you need to know is to know that cards discarded with 3 have bonus and develop strategies accordingly.

  • If one of the cards chosen to be played has the value of 3 numbers, or if the end of the total of 2 or 3 cards is 3 (13,23,33,43 ... etc), when calculating, 3 times the sum of these cards is written on the score table.

  • Another rule to be aware of is that the boymate10 card is 50 points and the larger one can switch to the color of the number. It can be in 4 colors.

  • The winner gets 100 additional points over 8 rounds. If the last hand, this is 300 points.

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