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Boymate10 Games

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Who are we?

The creator of the bar10n game, which joined the game world in 2019, has expanded its team with educators so that the bar10n game can be played by everyone. The aim is to make young people of education age better benefit from bar10n game and to contribute to gaining the discipline of thinking young people who play the game with the changes made in visual design. Those who play the game will develop their skills such as strategic thinking, decision making and analysis by doing mathematical operations fast. Boymate10 emerged as a branch of bar10n game and was developed to give special support to young people with different numerical systems in the future. As the name suggests, the boy and boy in English are composed of the words mate, which means accompany, and the mate10 is combined with mate10, since Turkish is a mathematical system based on the first 4 letters and number 10 of mathematics. The Boymate10 card is based on the bar10n game, which has a special place in intelligence and strategy games. And it aims to give special support to children and young people so that the game gains universal value. With this decision taken in 2020, he took his place in the game world as Boymate10 to do new projects.

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Application Features

Boymate10 Now You Can Download Now On Google Play Store.

  • Boymate10 has also redesigned the bar10n game, a strategy card game with cards consisting of numbers that contain young people with its user-friendly design. It will be very simple and easy to play boymate10 with our in-app game definitions where you will find detailed information about the game. Young people who will specialize in strategies over time will learn their own unique scoring system that requires game flow and calculation, and they will do brain gymnastics and have fun during the game. I believe that young people who love to do mathematical operations will love their mathematics. You have a lot of reasons to download the app. Try it out and discover what it can do for you.

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Boymate10 game now on mobile

Accepting the development and innovations as a principle, boymate10 has now published a card game for teens on mobile. Boymate10, which will be used first on android phones, can be downloaded from Google Play Store now. The constantly developing boymate10 will be with you in the future with language support in other operating systems. Boymate10 was developed as a game against a well-designed AI computer for the purpose of developing young people. Boymate10, who loves and teaches mathematics as fun. ' has many benefits for mental activities. While exploring mathematical intelligence in the system, players' decision making skills and mathematical thinking discipline will seriously improve. Boymate10 is waiting for you with its easy and understandable design.  

One Click Download

We all know how challenging it is to organize our online life, let alone real life. Boymate10 is a fully integrated platform that enables users to enjoy a wide range of features to suit their daily needs. Our app offers many features that can be enjoyed by all users around the world and makes it very easy to switch accounts. Download the boymate10 app now and see for yourself what it can do for you.

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