• It is very easy to learn Find 2Y, which is in the new special mathematical games of Boymate10 game.

  • All you need to know is to choose and throw even numbers less than 10 together and set up such a strategy. In the meantime, remember to keep the numbers in your mind and try to get each hand, even if it is not an even number.

  • When an even number is found among the cards chosen to be played, 10 times the bonus is earned if it is single, and if the other even numbers are found, hidden big bonuses are obtained, which are the multiplication of even numbers and 10 times in this multiplication. For example, when 2 and 4 and 30 numbered cards are selected, the total score is: 2 * 4 * 10 + 30 = 110. Likewise, when 4 and 6,8 cards are selected, 4 * 6 * 8 * 10 = 1920 points are obtained, which is the biggest bonus.  

  • Another rule to know is that the boymate10 card is 50 points and the larger number can switch to the color. It can be in 4 colors.

  • During 8 rounds, the winner gets 250 additional points. If the last hand, this is 750 points.