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  • Boymate10 game consists of 54 game cards with 4 different colors and geometric shapes with numbers on them.

  • There is one card with the same color and shape from each playing card, in addition to these, there are two of the boymate10 cards and can be considered as jokers.

  • These numbers are the points of the cards and were created with a special system in the game flow.

  • The card with boymate10 on it has several values in scoring. You can learn to use this game-specific card over time.

  • There are bonuses in the game, players use two or three cards with a total number of 10 together to strategize and get more points.. While doing this, care should be taken that the colors of the cards are the same. Otherwise, instead of getting a total of 40 bonuses, only the value of the big card is included in the scoring.

  • Boymate10 card can be understood better while trying to find the value of 10 mentioned above.  When boymate10 is thrown with a yellow card, such as 3 and 8, from two cards of the same suit. The Boymate10 card completes the smaller three and becomes the number 7, creating 50 bonus points like the joker logic. Since there are 8 same colors in the total score, it will be 50+8=58 points. In this way, Boymate10 completes every card except 100 points to 50 Points.

  • Another rule to note is that if boymate10 is played with 100 points, if it is not the same suit, the other card gets 10 points. The same completes to 50 points. When two boymate10 is used, one adds up to 50 points, while the other takes the value of 10 points and becomes 60 points.

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