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  • It is very easy to learn the Find10X game, which is one of the new special mathematical games of Boymate10 game.

  • If the total of the selected 2 or 3 cards is 10, knowing that the total score of these cards is special and Bonus  and developing a strategy accordingly.

  • If the sum of 2 or 3 of the cards selected to be played is 10, the 2 or 3 cards that make the total 10 are multiplied together and the resulting number is won 10 times and written on the leaderboard.Sample:

  • For cards of the same color and shape with a total of 10, cards 3 and 7 make points  3*7*10=210 , while the card with 1,3 and 6 totals 10 It makes 1*3*6*10=180.  While cards with the total number of 2 and 8 are 2*8*10=280; 2 and 3.5 are 2*3*5*10=300.

  • Another rule to know is that the boymate10 card in this game scores 100 points for completing 10 with all numbers except 100, where it is 50. Valid for 4 colors.

  • Winning over 8 hands in rounds receives 100 additional points. The final hand is 300 points.

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