• It is very easy to learn Find 8Y, which is in the new special mathematical games of the Boymate10 game.

  • All you need to know is to find the numbers in multiples of 8, choose the cards and make a strategy that will total 8 multiples. In the meantime, remember to keep the numbers in your mind and try to get each hand, even if it is not a multiple of 8.

  • A 10x bonus is earned when 8 times the cards selected to be played are found. For example, when 2 and 8 and 30 numbered cards are selected, since the total score is a multiple of 40 and 8, 40 * 10 = 400 points are received.

  • Another rule to be aware of is that the boymate10 card is 50 points and the higher number can switch to the color. It can be in 4 colors.

  • During the 8 rounds, the winner gets 800 additional points. If the last hand, this is 2000 points.