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  • One of the new special mathematical games of Boymate10 game, Revolution game, although understandable, requires expertise.

  • The most important rule you need to do is to strategically choose the hands that will give hidden bonuses by trying to score even numbers together and odd numbers together on the condition of being the same color. 

  • The cards chosen to be played are for example 2 and 4 and 6. In this case, because we find even numbers, we get 2*4*6*10, totaling 480 points.  Likewise, when we score 3,5 and 7 same colored numbers, 105*10=1050 points are obtained. Hidden bonus for groups with odd and even events less than 10.
    Another rule that should be known is that the boymate10 card is 50 points and can change to the color of the big number thrown. In addition, the revolutionary red joker 10  gives 10 times points regardless of the color of the sum of the numbers. For example, the largest number is 100 and two red 10 points are 100*10*10=10000 points.

  • Winning the hand over 8 hands in the rounds receives 1000 additional points, while the winner of the 9 surprise hand gets 3000 points.

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