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Boymate10 Find10x Plus game, which has the rules of the Find10x game, has been improved in terms of design and content, and has many new features, offers you a brand new experience.

The game includes scores and statistics in 4 areas as well as total winning points.

Points are calculated with special coefficients and the total gold points are calculated. With this total score, you earn credits that will be your biggest supporter in your journey by watching many award-winning advertisements. You earn credits when you win the game, and you lose credits when you lose. Credits not only help you choose a game but also get additional points and cancel the ad when you lose. As the points increase, your level and league increases. You earn a large amount of credits when you pass a level or a league.

  • If the total of 2 or 3 selected cards is 10, the total score of these cards is special and Bonus  to know and develop strategies accordingly.

  • If the sum of 2 or 3 of the cards selected to be played is 10, 2 or 3 cards that make the total 10 are multiplied together and 10 times the resulting number is won and recorded on the score table.Example:

  • For cards of the same color and shape, the total of which is 10, the card numbered 1 and 9  1*9*10=90  When making points, the card whose sum of 1, 3 and 6 makes 10 makes 1*3*6*10=180.  Similarly, the total of cards numbered 2 and 8 is 2*8*10=280; If 2 and 3.5 are 2*3*5*10=300.

  • Another rule to know is that the boymate10 card is worth 100 points in this game because it adds all the numbers to 10 except 100, which is 50. Valid for 4 colors.

  • The winner over 8 rounds receives 100 additional points. As for the last hand, this is 300 points.

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