• Boymate10 Find3X 4P game is a 4-player game of Find3X with similar rules.

  • The number of cards is double 108. And 4 players are dealt 17 cards each. Just like the rules of the 2 player find3x game, the side that finds 3 wins 3 times the points of the 3 cards it chooses. When the ones digit of the total score of the 3 cards selected is 3, 3 times the points are written on the score table.  

  • One of the different rules is the additional points that 4 people get according to their ranking when they win the hand points.

  • For 8 hands, 1.  300P, 2.  200P,  3._cc781905_bbcde-3194- 100P gets  4.  0P. 9th one son hand points are doubled according to rank. Players write 2 times their last hand points on the leaderboard.

  • The Boymate10 card is like a 2-person card, in other rules.