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Note: You can make a fun and practical start by learning the purpose of the game in a very short time from the Easy and Quick Learn Menu. It is better to learn by exploring the game. It is recommended. Have fun.
Ranking and Scoring in Boymate10

There are special combinations of value and scoring of cards in Boymate10. On the scoreboard, the smallest of the cards is 1, the largest is 100. In the game consisting of 54 cards, there are 13 geometric shaped cards with points written on each of four colors.  Unlike these, there are 2 more cards named boymate10, which gave its name to the game, which has 10 points when alone, and 50 points when with another card._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

One of the basic rules that are effective in the calculation of the score of the game is the rule of collecting the points of the cards of the same suit. Here, while boymate10 completes the small card to 50 points, if the color of the other card is the same, 50 is added together to calculate the total score.

For example, if the point value of the two cards in blue is 1 and 8, the boymate10 card is also discarded.

A card with a value of 1 combines with boymate10 and becomes 50 points, an additional 8 points are added, and a total of 50+8 hand points becomes 58 points.

If the colors of the cards are different, if there is boymate10, the total will be 50p. This rule happens when you don't have a 100 point card. When there are 100 points, if the color of the other card is different, boymate10 will score 10 points and a total of 110 points, while if the color of the card is the same, the score will be 100+50=150 points.

For example :

100 yellow cards and 1 blue card and boymate10=110 points;

100 yellow cards and 1 yellow card and boymate10=150 points.

There is no need to memorize them one by one. It is enough to try to strategize using the same breeds. And it is necessary to know that boymate10 has two point values.

Trying to find the bonuses that give the game's skeleton task to the scoring system requires strategy and thinking in the flow of the game. When the total point value of the 2 or   3 cards selected is 10, they form a whole and the total point value is 50 points. If two cards have a total value of 10 and the other card is the same suit, 50 points are added to the point value of the other card.

For example: 3 Blue and 7 Blue and 9 Blue are scored, 3 and 7=50 points and 9 points for a total of 50+9=59 points.

While trying to get high points and leave high card point values to the next hands, it is tried to guess the next card and get a high score from the opponent. In a 9-handed hand, each winner earns 50 hand points, excluding his own card points. 

The last hand is a surprise and the hand points are 150 points.

At the end of the game, additional average points are calculated next to the points on the leaderboard.

  • About Boymate10 (HOW TO PLAY)

  • Boymate10   There are only one card in the game in the same color and shape and there are a total of 52 single cards and a total of 54 cards called boymate10, used as the 2nd joker.

  • Boymate10   The game can be played with 2 players and the first version has been designed for 2 people. The first version has an advanced artificial intelligence application.

  • Boymate10   the game consists of successive hands. It consists of a total of 9 hands according to the number of 2 players.

  • Boymate10   In the game, the game card has been brought a new vision and the scoring system, which contains different combinations, has been built according to the logic of the game.

  • Boymate10   In the game, each player receives 17 cards. And 20 cards are left on the floor as decks.

  • The player strategically assigns the 3 cards in which each hand will get the highest score according to the compatible points system, the cards are evaluated and the hand points with the high-score cards. Only the score of the cards is written to the loser.

  • 3 cards are out of the game at the end of each hand. And one card is dealt from the remaining deck.

  • When the cards in the hand are gone, 6 cards remain in the deck. And this card is dealt 3 each 3. And the player with the highest score in the last hand adds the 3-point (150 points worth) hand score to his digit along with the value of the cards.

  • And the player with more than 9 total points wins the game.

  • Boymate10   Young players without knowledge of the game can play, but they can play for a long time by having fun in highly specialized players who learn the whole system and strategies.

  • In the clear game flow, the two most important features are to create a strategy by selecting the binary cards with a total score value of 10 using the same color cards. With this solution, good results can be obtained with some luck, some guess, some memory, and attention.

  • Don't stop, download now! Discover boymate10 with its new design.

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