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For those who like to read, here it is: Instead of calculating the score of all possibilities in Boymate10, you need to understand the logic and play the game, it has been proven that two perspectives are important in the game. The game system built to get the hand and find the bonuses will most likely bring more points at the end of the game. As long as you throw the same colors in the game and pay attention to the bonus event, you can start getting high scores immediately. Also, sometimes papers may not be properly placed in the last hands. In order to avoid such situations, it may not always be necessary to put forward the highest score first. 
While this is the accepted correct form of the game, it is also important to evaluate the luck factor and memorize the opponent's moves. The success of the strategy you develop, as well as using memory at certain rates in the game, making foresight, developing a strategy, depends on the strategy of the opponent, it requires some luck and getting to know the opponent. Let me tell you, there is a long way to be number 10 in Boymate10, turn your pleasant moments into success immediately, what are you waiting for, good luck.
​Since each hand is drawn first of all a card in the game and for the possibility of increasing the bonuses, it would be a correct strategy to choose cards larger than 10 of the same color with the bonuses in the hand. And when there are 2 boymate10 cards, it is not recommended to use them together in any way. Riding separately always brings better score. And as long as you do not specify your strategy to the opponent in the game, your chances of getting the hand with a high score increase. For example, if you always get high scores at the beginning, you will have low scores at the end and playing this way will cause you to lose hand points. The biggest step that will lead you to success is the possibility of creating a bonus for the card you will draw. It will be a plus for you to try to catch the bonus, not to always get the high score, to follow the results of each hand you will play and to evaluate your strategy accordingly. It is very important to use Boymate10 and 100P at the appropriate time. Good luck, may your Boymate10 be plentiful, and your way always be clear.  

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